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ADS-7 type adsorption resin: (strong polarity)

Use: for the extraction of ginsenosides both adsorption and decoloring double function of plant pigments in aqueous solution the removal rate of 98

Used for the extraction of soybean isoflavones, extract the purity of 40 to 60 ~

Performance index: appearance: white opaque spherical particles

Particle size: (0.3 -1.25 mm)

Water: 50-60

Wet depending on the density: 0.7-0.75 g/ml

Wet true density: 1.01 -1.08g/ml

The apparent density: 0.28-0.326g/ml

Average pore size: 25*30nm

Than surface:>=100 m2 / g

Suggest operating conditions: the highest use temperature: 150 / C

Adsorption velocity: 1-4 BV/hr

Desorption flow rate: 0.6 -2 BV/hr

Desorption agent: 2- 3 BV

Desorption agent varieties: ethanol or ethanol solution