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Macroporous adsorption resin HPD100(un-polarity)

Application :extraction of Ginsenoside,Gypenosides,Notoginsenosides,Saponin on diosagenin,Luohan guo glucodide,Astragaloside,Asiaticoside,Salidroside,Tribulus terrestris,Eleutheroside,

Gardenoside,Breviscapine,Gardenia yellow,Paprika red,Sorghum pigment,Alkaloid、Ecdysone、Epimdium flavone, Red Yeast Rice pigment, Capsicum pigment,Black bean pigment, Amary llidaceous alkaloids. 

Capacity index: appearance: opacity, white spherical granule .           

Granularity:( granule diameter 0.3—1.2mm)≥90%

                    Moisture: 65—75%

                    Visual density in wet state :0.68—0.75g/ml

                    True density in wet state :1.03—1.07g/ml

                    Apparent density :0.28—0.34g/ml

                    average pore diameter :85—90A°

                    ratio surface area :650--700m2/g

condition for operation : maximum temperature degree :150°/C

                    Adsorption flow rate :1---4BV/hr

                    Desorption flow rate :0.6—2BV/hr

                    Desorption dose :2—3BV

                    Desorption material :ethanol or ethanol water solution.