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HPD100B type adsorption resin: (the polarity)

USES: vitamin B12 cephalosporins antibiotics such as the extraction

Performance index: appearance: white opaque spherical particles

Particle size: (0.3 -1.25 mm)

Water: 65-75

Wet depending on the density: 0.68-0.75 g/ml

Wet true density: 1.03-1.07g/ml

The apparent density: 0.27-0.34g/ml

Average pore size: 120-160

Than surface:500-580 m2 / g

Suggest operating conditions: the highest use temperature: 150 / C

Adsorption velocity: 1-4 BV/hr

Desorption flow rate: 0.6 -2 BV/hr

Desorption agent: 2- 3 BV

Desorption agent varieties: ethanol or ethanol solution